My dear bloggie friends

I have just returned from


Insider info: Ryan has a fabulous tattoo of Where The Wild Things are on his upper arm - so these special crowns are perfect. Do click on photo to really take it in.
There are many benchmarks along the way
of this journey I have known as motherhood

The birth of each of my three children was over the top

The first clutching of my finger by tiny newborn hands

The first smile

The first time they said mommy

The jumping up and down in the crib with a huge smile when you walk into the bedroom...a love fest to the moon and back!!

The first step, which turns into a full out run....

...which tugs at your heart because you know

it's the start...

of the natural process of leaving you

and becoming who they are meant to be.

The moments are captured forever in your heart.

This weekend Mr. J and I drove, flew, and drove some 2500 miles

to share in overwhelming joy and love.

The most amazing of benchmarks.

The wedding of my firstborn.

On a most beautiful beach just below Provincetown

called Head of The Meadow

before sunset on a glorious, sunny day

My son gave his promise to his beloved..

surrounded by his and her family,

their closest friends,

and a handful of wonderful beach goers.

I have never, ever, witnessed a more magical wedding.

So with my little Olympus fe-310
I was able to make a tiny video
and slide show

to share with you just a small portion of the
joy and love of this celebration


Blissed out barefoot mother of the groom



suze said...

Sweet! It reminded me of my daughter's wedding on the beach. They are huge Atlanta Braves fans and they wore matching Braves shirts and shoes. The cake topper was a bride and groom with Braves apparel and banners.
I love the tattoo inspired cake.
Congrats to you and your son and his new bride!

Faerielore said...

what a beautiful magical day, congratulations to the lovely couple xxx

Alicia said...

aw, this is fantastic! The words and photos, all perfect. I'm so happy you were able to capture the music... that part was so wonderful and such a great surprise and, as far as I know, not captured by anyone else :) Hooray!

Joanne Huffman said...

I'm glad the wedding was as wonderful as you wanted it to be.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Congratulations to one and all
I cried some mother's tears of joy before even watching the precious wedding video ... off to a great start not minding a little sand in their shoes ... and with the bluebirds of happiness on their cake!
Brightest of Blessings to All!