I hosted a bookmark swap to celebrate January's New Moon
Two of you jumped on board and played along.

Lynnie and Andrea.

So I made a bookmark for each of you
to accompany the swapped bookmark you will receive
from the other.

Here are the simple steps I used to create these.

As the base for my bookmark,
I used the same mixed media paper
that I used the last time I
created a bookmark.

You can see it HERE.

Dark blues and shimmery gold with black Golden paints

rolled onto thick Arches Paper

The next step was to choose a face image

to represent Mistress Moon.

Ethereal and gentle.

Then came text carefully torn from my stash of book pages.

They were lovely at that point,


I wanted something special.

Taking ecru colored felt for a backing

and ecru organza,

I sandwiched the bookmark in between

then did some free form sewing,

allowing extra organza for the bottom to fringe.

Now I feel they are special and ready to be mailed out.

So I guess I HAVE done a little bit of art.

Thank you, Andrea and Lynnie for playing along.

I won't show your creations
so that you can have at least one surprise.


Anonymous said...

Your bookmarks are just so very lovely, soothing, soft and beautiful. I will be honored to call one "mine".
Thank you........
AKA Audra Mae

Sharon said...

Lucky girls. Your bookmarks are beautiful. I love the face you used and what you did with it.

andyann said...

Your bookmarks are wonderful--so beautiful! Thank you.

Maija said...

They are lovely Rella!!!

Woodland Wanderings said...

I love how you did this, the faces seem to glow. Sorry I missed playing!

Anonymous said...

My bookmarks arrived yesterday and are lovely. Thanks to Andrea for her sparkly creation!!
Lyn A.

dogfaeriex5 said...

beautiful work made with love..xo

dogfaeriex5 said...

did you get my post? i havent heard from you so maybe it didnt take...your art continuely amazes me, it has such an etheral beautiful..almost haunting...xo

Jamie said...

Oh Rella, Lynne and Andrea, I was just driving over the bridge, coming home from the store with the boys and what did I see? The big, full moon. And then it hit me (that sinking, pit of your stomach feeling) that I completely forgot about the bookmark swap and I feel terrible, terrible, terrible. So I came here to publicly tell you all that I am so so sorry. These days between the kids and caring full time for my Father-in-law (dementia) if I don't write it down it gets gone. Please know that I never would have wanted to hurt your feelings. But I am sure that's how you feel because I know I would feel that way. Your bookmarks turned out beautifully and I am so ashamed. I hope you and the other sweet ladies can accept my apology. It is heart felt. Love, Jamie

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Jamie ~ Do not worry a bit about this!! Life has a habit of getting in the way of our plans and there is no way my feelings would be hurt...especially about this with YOU!!! You have a lot on your plate and we can exchange any time at all.

Hope all goes well with FIL. I will be thinking of you.
xo Rella