For Joel on your 30th Birthday

In the stillness, in the quiet moments
when the noise and madness of the world
cease to exist...
or even matter...
I close my eyes and head on back.

Without packing a bag
or saying goodbye ...
back I travel
through the years,
the smiles,
the tears.

Back to the immeasurable joy
of newborn fingers...tightly curled..

...around my heart.

Back...back to happily ever after
and childhood laughter
with brown-crayon scribbled art.


Maija said...

That's a wonderful sntiment!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful piece of poetry. Any woman who has known the joy of motherhood will so understand and relate to this sweet verse.
You are really incredible, little Cindy Rella.
Happy Birthday to your Joel!!!
Audra Mae

Betzie said...

So very dear and just loved your poem...sons are priceless...xo

andyann said...

Beautiful poetry, Rella.
As a mother of a grown-up person myself, I understand the feelings!
Also--on the topic of the bookmark swap--did you receive my email address?
It is
I will need to have your physical address to mail you my bookmark.
Thank you!

Sharon said...

I know I'm late, but happy birthday to Joel. He was so cute. Probably still is.
And the poetry is beautiful. I wish I could do that with words.
How are you doing?