NoTeS fRoM tHe NeSt

Tonight I will share a canvas that has been a work in progress.

With magenta, pink, and shades of blue, I prepared this canvas without any idea where it was going

I stood back and saw the colors together
and how the patterns played out.

From that moment I knew the text about

that I used once before would need to appear again.

I had the glimmer of an idea on what else would be added.

It sat while I looked at it for months.

During my time of recovery, rest, and reflection these past few months,

I could see how this piece would evolve and I have been excited for it.

this weekend
I actually picked up a brush and began the next portion
that will be applied to the canvas later

While I was doing that I was thinking about color
and the role it plays in our lives

whether we are immersed in art or....

simply living out our day to day lives.

I stared at the blue that I brought into this piece and thought about how I am reaching more and more often for BLUE.

We choose colors for our walls,
for the clothing we wear.

Certain colors make us happy it seems and others soothe us

Even as young children we pick certain crayons more often than others.

My youngest child went through a phase that I remember vividly........


He consistently chose the brown crayon to make all his drawings.
That still makes me laugh to think on that.

Through the years, I seem to have stayed away from blue.

I never really wanted to paint a room blue, but did so for our oldest boy and then sponged in clouds as if that was the only way
I could think of a blue room.........a large space of sky brought inside.

Lately, however, I am drawn to shades of blue and have now begun to wonder if I am attracted to the color that is associated with peace and relaxation as I continue on with the journey within.

Denise Linn writes in her book SACRED SPACE,

Blue is the first of the cool spectrum colors.

It stimulates you to seek inner truth.

Blue helps you to attain inner peace and to live out your ideals.

Blue stimulates inspiration, creativity, spiritual understanding, faith and devotion.

Blue allows for gentleness, contentment, patience and composure. It has also been used for pain reduction.

Blue is also excellent for a meditation room or a bedroom, or any room where you want to have a feeling of peace pervade the entire atmosphere.

How synchronistic life events and actions can be.

It all fits together when you step back and take a moment to really look at it all.

When I moved out here ten years ago. all I could say was that it

"felt right" the time.

I felt comforted by the huge blue sky
and the strength of the surrounding mountains.

I have been choosing blue lately
because I have been looking for peace,
and healing.

My thought tonight is this:

Blue is the color of peace.


Betzie said...

Such a thoughtful and lovely post...I have always liked blue. I have a blue ceiling in our family room. Now I find myself loving robin egg's blue...
Come visit me today for some PINK talk. :)

Anonymous said...

i love all shades of blue, but lean toward the turquoise blues.
blue is very peaceful..
great post..
xoxo nita

CathWren said...

Sky blue, robin's egg blue, seaside blue . . . it is indeed a beautiful color to surround oneself with. What I love about blue is that is so alive and colorful, but at the same time peaceful. Today was voting day and I voted for the color of peace.

Mimi Lenox said...

That is an awesome peace post!!!