I am skipping to my last two days with D.J.
as these are the photos that have made it to
the computer at the moment.

What can I say?

D.J. is the sweetest, most gracious instructor
I've ever had the pleasure of learning under.

It's not easy for the teachers to spend two whole days with I think 20 students.......varying personalities

some quiet, others somewhat demanding, all eager to learn.
It's draining on a soul.

But you never would know that in D.J.'s classes.

She gives 200%, barely taking a breath,
certainly not taking a lunch break.

She gives and gives.

From the beautifully packaged
student kits
(I've never received anything so wonderful as these)

to her generous spirit,
genuinely wanting you to succeed and learn as much as you can.

I learned so much and feel confident that I can move forward and experiment and even zip her
a quick question by e-mail and she will be 'there'.

I am a slow processor.

I have to take things in and let them mull over a bit.

Some gals did two or three pieces.........I barely finished this one.

Done on fabric

There are a few things I would do differently if I could do her over

I won't point them out to you
as that would cause you to focus ONLY on those aspects.

My favorite part is the fat little bird. She makes me smile.

I can only hope to take classes again with D.J. and would wish any of you to do the same.


Sharon said...

Well I like fat little birds but that is not my favorite part. That would be the beautiful soft serene face that you painted. And there is nothing you should do different. Although I do know that feeling with each thing I paint. That's how we learn. It's good.

Shonna said...

Your painting came out gorgeous! I would love to take a class with DJ, but she never seems to teach near hoo!!!! She sounds like she was really great!

Cindy Dean said...

Oh Rella...what a fabulous job you did! Fantastic!

shabby*girl said...

I enjoy reading your blog! I too, am a big fan of are doing a fabulous job! I'm currently taking the online Suzi Blu art class and loving it! Wish I could travel to this class...maybe some day! Missy :)

dogfaeriex5 said...

very beautiful! i love the fat birdie also..your art is so wonderful and soulful!!