My third day at Art Unraveled was the first day with D.J.

This was a one day class and jam packed with wonderful information

The canvas is a nice piece of duck cloth and it will be the cover of a book
that I actually finish one of these days.

I need to add more to the composition for sure
another layer or two

....and I could use it for something else

...maybe add some fabric as a border and put it on a frame

These are the pieces started for the back of the book and the spine.

I can add more and more than likely will.

The paper pages are slightly painted in prep for additions that I have yet to create
there are lace bits and collage elements that I have collected for this possible book

You see, I am one of the slower students.

I almost would do better just watching and then doing later.
I can imagine that a teacher would think she failed if her room was full of students like me.....

but the fact of the matter is that I learned so much under D.J. and the day just flew by.

I now feel more comfortable working with, maybe more CONFIDENT

That is what this wonderful artist gave to us all. Confidence.

How I wish I could spend a full week, taking my time, watching, talking, sharing....
painting along side this lovely and talented gal.

But for now I am just grateful for my three...........splendid days with her.

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tammy vitale said...

This is wondeful! I am envious of your skills here - I can imagine a book with all these components being so beautiful I'd be afraid to write in it (it's like having candles - and somewhere I read: if I had my life to live over, I'd burn those candles)...which means I strive to use all my beautiful things because they deserve it. I hope you will post the finished piece at some point.