Whispers of Butterflies

The piece measures 4X6 on 140 lb watercolor paper

The faint text behind her above her head are the whispers only she can hear

And I like her cropped down to 4X4

Shown in an 8X8 matte with 4X4 opening

If I can part with her I will put her up on Etsy.


On a totally different spectrum

back outside of 'the box' again

a new paper doll is being created

there will be no shadowbox

but she will have a wooden stand like the last one

with an outrageously funny statement

and this is my fair warning

do NOT have food or liquid in your mouth at the point of

first viewing

you may experience the uncomfortable snorting out your nose

which is also dangerous for your keyboard!!!


Heather said...

Wow, now isnt she pretty?

Betzie said...

Hi Rella!
Your sprite is just FABULOUS...I adore her face and also the saying.
Where do you get your small shadow boxes? I can't find small ones around here.
Enjoyed visiting...

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Thank you, Heather and's fun to have you visit.

Betzie...shadowbox that I used for 'Misunderstood' I actually got online on Etsy a while back. It was one of one....BUT I think I have seen similar at Michaels. At this point, I would look online for anything similar. If I run in to anymore (and I will look) I will talk about here for sure.

xo Rella

dogfaeriex5 said...

you have the knack for creating such beuatiful faeries, miss faerierella...

Lynifyni said...

Dynamite, Rella!!!

Lynn F.