It is opening week of the Theater Troupe over at Catherine Moore's Blog
If you have about 10 minutes, get comfy and click


Be prepared to be dazzled!!

22 artists (including 'yours truly') have created, with passion,
each a theater inspired by Marie Antoinette
and all that is

fru, fru.

I believe my theater presents right after Catherine's

......a really hard (gulp) act to follow

My theater, created in a little wooden cabinet
(much earlier post reveals the start of the creation)

represents Marie's smaller theater at her
garden cottage.

I believe she felt more of a free spirit when in residence at the cottage

more familiar to her with her upbringing.

All an extremely interesting read
and thanks to Catherine,
I delved in much farther than I might have
Here you see Marie on opening act

rhinestone studded curtains part as
she sings a magnificent aria

while her garden swing glides back and forth...

Her skirt,
fashioned from white silk gauze
and white feathers

flutters in the breeze

Her wig fashioned of mohair

and sporting one luscious feather

is not as ornate as Marie would have worn to a ball
or on an outing

but certainly a bit fussier than when she walked the gardens
freely and in simple dress.
A bit of glitzy flower decorates her tiny waist

Love birds...
tail feathers perfectly
fru-fru'd up for the occasion.

help to decorate the garden theater

with vines and flowers
gathered from Marie's own garden

even donating one of their own plumes.

So, enjoy the show over at Catherine's blog
and DO take a moment to leave her a comment
'applause' if you will
for a magnificent job.


Anonymous said...

The slide show of the theaters was incredible!!! They were all amazing and I can't believe what people came up with. Did you notice there was another Gauthier????? A Terri, I believe!! Loved your theater....In my opinion it was right up there at the top!!!!!!!!!
Job well done!
Audra Mae

Betzie said...

Gorgeous Rella!!!!
I made a little slide show of mine on my blog, hope you'll come visit me.
Wasn't this a fun project!!? I don't know when I've enjoyed making something so much!

craftyhala said...

I happened upon your blog and am having fun. I also noticed that papers and ribbons you have used are the exact same as the choices I have made! I love what you make. it is all so nice. I will make your blog a regular stop now.

Sharon said...

I am guilty of following your link and then not getting back to tell you it was incredible. The slide show of the theatres was amazing. However, I judged them and you got the 1st place blue ribbon. I'll be sending directly.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Sharon, you were viewing through the rose colored glasses of a friend. :) There were SEVERAL that took first place in my humble opinion..and I can safely say it was NOT mine. But thank you, dear one.

Oh, and you need not worry about leaving me a comment...just Catherine as she really put so much time into the project and should know how much everyone is enjoying it.

xo Rella

Ryan said...

This is beautiful mom!! I remember when it was just getting started in February when Renee and I visited. I knew something great was going to be created....and I was proven right! xo

Maija said...

It's so beautiful Rella!!!!