I know it seems quiet here at Faerieluna,
but I have been busy.

With the Arches project done the focus has been

the Theater.

Theatre des Modes

As usual, once I am in the thick of the project,

my mind races ahead
and the inspiration flows
a bit too fast

and rich for the amount of time


While painting the inside of the theater a dark as night blue,
with a wash and bubble
effect of deep gold over it,
(leaving the top portion alone for now as it will be covered
and 'house' some special effects).............................

I realized that what I SHOULD do is create 'sets'
that can be removed.
(this is where I begin to get in trouble with my thinking)

Figuring out HOW to design removable sets
and not muck up
the theater itself
is what has my mind working overtime right now.


I begin with the first 'set'

mat board cut down,
with this delicious paper design glued on top
makes me think of pink frosted cake
and lemonade somehow
It fits inside quite well
but needed a 'hoojy'
(slang everyone recognizes)

to pull it out without destroying it

Ta Da = Hoojy

AKA raffia ribbon glued to backside of paper set

Marie pops her big haired head in to give me the nod of approval

"Merci Beaucoup, Marie"

I was most certainly holding my breath waiting for your two cents
or is that deux cents?

Actually, since France began using the Euro in 2002 that would be an
actual two cent coin now, oui??

back to the process

I think I will use these papers for a forefront portion of a set
each set may have two layers for dimension
Or at least use them in a creation of a flower garden portion..............

I am still working on that one mentally

let's not forget costume design.

(trans. HOLY MOLY!!)

My head spins.

This is in the forfront of my first costume for Marie
Seems perfect to me.
Given her love of feathers and frou, frou

So you see..................
My process is running amuck

and there are deadlines

and there is housework

and there is the place I call CRAZY where I need to go tomorrow

Once again I whine(to the cat)

about having to leave the nest

"au revoir pour maintenant"
(trans:good bye for now)


Sharon said...

I love all of it. Can't wait to see more. Can I buy a ticket for the production?

CathWren said...

Oh my, your theatre has taken shape and I think sets are a great idea. I can't wait for the big reveal!

Lori said...

Rella, your theater looks great!!! can't wait to see the show inside:)

Babsarella said...

WHOA Rella, you are making serious headway on this project and have so many fantastic ideas!!! Can't wait to see the finished theater!!

suze said...

Rella, it looks great!
I am adding the word "hoojy" to my Scrabble dictionery.
Have a great week.