She is finished..........

and not a moment to spare
since the sister birthday dinner will now be tomorrow night.

Considering I left her pretty much blonde
I am surprised I am rather fond of her

So, after work off I went in search of a frame.
I already had the mat and wanted to find
a frame with a feminine flair to it


You cannot see that the crackle portion of the frame is a slight lavender pinkish hue.

It's perfect!!!
All wrapped up now and in a very che che gift is ready.

It's a good thing Sis doesn't blog, eh? The surprise would be out the window.


Lori said...

she is so pretty, your sister will love her...the frame suits her very well!!!

Babsarella said...

Oh Rella, this is STUNNING!!! I think the frame and mat are just perfect, and your sister is gonna absolutely LOVE IT (and if she doesn't, you can regift it to me...he he he)!!

Sharon said...

Yes, Eureka!
She is beautiful and what a lovely gift. And I do remember that little cell phone size sketch. Great gift card.

Lola Enchanted said...

Just beautiful!

The Sparrow's Heart said...

Rella, it is she is so beautiful..
Amazing. xoxo Nita

Betzie said...

I'm so glad you left her blonde! She is so lovely and the background and bird and wings...I love it!
Your sister is very lucky.I've always wanted a are both blessed to have each other.

Debby said...

Rella, this is fabulous. What a gorgeous piece. She is going to love it.

zorana said...

Beautiful! The frame and mat are just perfect... I'm sure that your sister will be delighted with it (and the beautiful card and jar). Happy birthday to her!

Maija said...

Your drawings have been so amazing!!