LITTLELAMBIELOTTIE & oLiViA share some stories

I've been a bit preoccupied with 'stuff' the past week or so
Most of it good.

But that meant that some things took a back seat.

sometimes it's just no fun having to act responsibly.

littlelambielottie was feeling lonely it seems
and this morning I found her

curled up in Olivia's lap, yammering away to her about this and that

LLL looks over at me as if to say "ummm, do you MIND???" as I snap the picture

I don't know, I think someone got up on the wrong side of the bed!

Did I ever tell you how Olivia came to be?

Well, this is how she started life.

Sort of a prettier version of a small crash test dummy
27 cm. in length.

Look how wonderfully articulated her body is.
And truth be told, I rather like her like this.
I even called her 'Crash' back then.

She is an Obitsu ball jointed doll.
Often referred to as a BJD.

Once you lay eyes on them, you are never quite the same.

It's another world, really.

And I needed another hobby
(obsession) as we all know.

There were a few hours in the day
that just needed to be filled (the 25th & 26th to be exact)
so fill it I did.

First she needed eyes and some color.
In the bjd world that is called a 'face up'

Then hair was in order.

I had some gorgeous Tibetan mohair
that was so soft and a bit curly
This arduous process of creating a wig was actually quite fun in the end.

I think she is really the sweetest thing
and other than this one dress that I found on ebay a long while ago,
she has nothing else.

But now she has a lamb!!!


Ms Dragonfly said...

the lamb is so cute!

Sharon said...

I don't remember Olivia. She is devine. Of course I remember littlelambielottie. I bet they have been cavorting for quite a while and you have just now discovered them sharing sweetness.

Rosie said...

Oh please PLEASE tell me where I can get one! I have just the place for her to sit ....

suze said...

Oh I would love to get one too! She is just beautiful!