Gently Holding on to Hope

Last summer and beyond, when I struggled with the enormity of Jenny’s murder
and the collateral damage caused by this unbearable cruelty,
there was an outpouring of love and kindness.

There is such beauty in the contrast

and the kindnesses seemed magnified to me then,

and still.

Cindy was one of many such souls who created a beautiful memory for me.

A necklace that she fashioned herself with such tenderness that it still brings tears, but they are good tears as it is proof..

in my hand that goodness is truly powerful…..

and that gives us all hope.

When I am not wearing this piece, I have it hanging in a spot that I can see many times a day….every day.

Thank you


Cindy Dean said...

I am glad that it has meaning to you and I feel very honored that you like it. I searched hi and low for just the right words that might offer some comfort to you during the hard times. I know you called your sister Jenny Wren, so hence the bird carrying the hope banner. I know that it has to be extremely hard on you... Just know that you have friends willing to lend a shoulder when needed, even if it's a virtual shoulder! :)

zorana said...

What a beautiful necklace! What happened to your sister is so tragic that and unfair... Cindy said it beautifully - you really have friends willing to lend a virtual shoulder and help in any little way we can. xo