Like colorful Autumn leaves, ideas have been swirling and twirling around in my head.

What kept me away:

The trip to California to spend time with my niece

and then

the fabulous visit from two of my chicks to help out at the cafe for the annual Balloon Festival.

Happy the Festival is over, sad the chicks are gone.

During my absence here, my brain has been in overdrive

with possible projects and two (now three) collaborative endeavors.

That is the wonderful thing about being away from the Desk with Drama........I can think and dream.

Like many of you, I save fortune cookie fortunes.

I confess that if I head to Pei Wei, I take more than one cookie at the self serve station...JUST FOR THE FORTUNE (although they really are delicious)

I love them.
It's crazy.

I DO plan on using them in a project (of course) some day. This one (pictured above) is this week's new acquisition.

All I can say is:


I've got lots to do today around the Nest..........but I will be back.
I just wanted to pop in and say a few things and let you know that I am back and thank you for checking in while I was away.

Oh, and the aluminum protective caps were a huge success.

We had many laughs with them and put them on several times during the day.

The laughter saved us.

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CathWren said...

Welcome back to the Blogdom, I am only just returning myself after some unplanned down time. It's great to be back! The balloon festival, the one in Albuquerque? What a wonderful adventure!