(followed by my own personal opinion)

Has anyone else noticed the newest (Jan/Feb) Somerset Studio cover is, well, flimsier is the only word I dare to use in this public forum.

I notice things like this. When there is a change, even subtle, I take note.

And somewhere along the way of my life adventure I heard that if you cannot say something nice, don't say anything.

I am taking a little liberty here and will revise the sentiment.

Alongside my question/statement of my personal observation ...I will say something that could be perceived as nice

Has anyone else noticed how GORGEOUS the cover is on the magazines Artful Blogging and Somerset Life?

That is how SS used to be.

Perhaps the 'new children' get the best party dresses and the 'older children' are getting hand-me-downs.

Or something like that.

the thoughts published here are simply my observations
and in no way intended to cast disparaging sentiment toward our beloved publishing company that brings us many, many, many, many artful publications. Clearly the huge collection in my Nest proves my own love (addiction) to aforementioned publications.