Seriously, could YOU resist this face??

Well, either could I.

This wee little lamb was just pleading with me today as I ran to the market to pick up another can of illy espresso.
(I seem to go through that mere 12 oz can that will set you back double the price of a whole pound of any other coffee and I only make a small 4/pot each morning........but that is another story all together.)

Anyhow, I passed by this little thing, a mere 2 1/2 inches,
and I just smiled inside and out...

but I kept going.

I mean, it was lunch hour and I was on a mission.

But I could not get her face out of my head, so back I went. ......

and picked her up.

Well, geesh, that's like putting milk out for a stray cat.

You both know the ending to THAT story.
Look at her..........I mean, are you NOT just giggling??

So here she is, home with me. The faeries all gather about and the whispering and flitting about have been non-stop.

We are waiting on her name. I'll let you know.


Lori said...

she is sweet, i would have gone back and rescued her too:)

Cindy Dean said...

LOL...Rella, I would have gone back and bought her too. Very Cute!

Autumn said...

She is cute. I can't tell from the photo, is she wood? Also how big is she, table size, or will seh go in the yard. Either way she is a keeper!

Sharon said...

Yes, who could resist?
Will she be a member of the Theatre Troupe? A cast-away?

carylsrealm said...

I am giggling! She's adorable!

eve crowe said...

She's wonderful! I love your story about finding her too!

JuliaRose said...

Well...its enough to make a ewe turn....Aussie humour...
LOOOVe her face...where can I buy one?


sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I could not have resisted. I'm sure the fairies will love her!

she was so worth going back for!