I've been busy here in the Nest.

Two projects in full swing.

The theater that I mentioned before and another which has me just as jazzed.

In the Paper Whimsy group I am participating in a very special project.

Faerie Slippers!!!

Wee little 3" slippers.

It is an 1X1 exchange and a contest

to be judged by the very creator of the idea and pattern,

Annette Emms.

The winner of Best of Show
receives a copy of the Embroiderer's Guild magazine,


which had a fantastic article featuring Annette's slippers.

It's so wonderful to pull my trusty sewing machine out
and jump back into
an arena I stepped away from for so long.

For the slippers I found gorgeous Dupioni silk at Joggles.
It's a pale pink.

Since I am in the Marie Antoinette mode with my theater,
I decided the slipper theme would be the
Queen Faerie of Versailles who, of course, lives
in the gardens of none other than herself 'Marie Antoinette'.

I machine quilted the silk to a felt base
then cut the slipper tops and soles.

Here is one slipper top in the process of having the lace and beads applied.
This will take some time and I have only begun. But take a look.

click on the photo and you can see it closer
and the sparkle of the swarovski crystal beads

Remember..........this is only 3"!!!

I may have a hard time giving them up..but I am sure the slippers I receive in the exchange will be glorious.


Maija said...

The slipper is just beautiful! Your workmanship and attention to detail is amazing, Rella!

whobyfire said...

faerie slippers! how lovely :) you are so talented, my dear! thank you for your comment in swedish- it was a great surprise and brought a little bit of sunshine to the grey landscape we are having here. hope you are having a great week! xxx

carylsrealm said...

Just beautiful!

Dawn said...

Yummy scrummy delicious slippers - so beautiful xxx

zUzU said...

=^..^=oh i found them!
Right under my nose and I missed them ::sigh::

Rellafae, they are BeaUteeMous!!
So small and sweet ... and shimmering with chips of pixiedust!

Too wonderful.
Just! --zU