It was a stunner of a day
and I actually took a lunch hour and headed back to the nest.
Because, she who rules the house
decided she did not
like the new cat food.

So, like any good pet owner (slave)
I leave the desk ......

and head to the pet botique
and pick up a small ($10) bag of food

that aforementioned spoiled girl has enjoyed in the past.

Except this time
she has decided that she doesn't like it any longer.

So I put chicken stock in it.

She goes over to her dish...ALMOST touches it with her paw...shakes her paw......and walks away.

She has not eaten since yesterday afternoon
(except for the few pieces of dried Ahi Tuna that Mr. J...AKA Servent #2)
gave her after I phoned him
concerned she was not eating....


Now I take cooked chicken out of the freezer

MY chicken that I portioned out and froze to
eat when I don't want to cook (which is always)
and yet still eat healthy

and microwave it..mix it in with the million dollar food

she saunters over...looks at it......looks at me...
then ever so carefully pulls the chicken out and
eats it OFF THE FLOOR!!

I don't know.........

Did YOU get the memo?..

because I clearly missed the notice from Destructo Cat

turned Felicity Finicky.

Well, prior to all this =^..^= drama

I began the day with a little drawing

My blissful 15-20 minutes before
morning routine for desk job

and she began here

Then when I arrived home with the rejected feline fodder, I grabbed another few
moments to add some color
and during this precious time I realized two things:

1) I did not want to leave
2) I did not want to leave for the second time in the same day!

I really like her so far.....
(except I am not sure why her lips look yellow here!)

And once the hours at the desk ended and I walked outside at 6 p.m. to my car,
I was immediately refreshed to take in the pretty pink above the mountains

and it's always at this moment I can take a deep breath and reflect on the sweetness
of life
and be thankful for:

unexpected phone call from my little bird

a great yearly review with decent raise today

that I work 10 minutes from my nest

and in two days I will be able to spend two days in the bliss of home

.......hopefully Ms. Finicky will decide to eat her gourmet food before then... because I am out of chicken.


Cindy Dean said...

LOL..I can totally relate to the cat thing, except I have a King of the house. I love your drawing too. You are doing really great!

P.S. My mountains looked just like your last night.

Lori said...

oh, i wish i had beautiful mountains to look at...and the kitty...i hope mine don't start to pull this monkey business...that could get VERY pricey with three little whiskered mouths to feed...love the new drawing:)

Sharon said...

I don't have any mountains so I'm just going to enjoy yours. They are like a painting. Oh dear, I think I relate everything to painting. I have painting on the brain. You are getting really good at snatching moments here and there. It is the way we make it to the weekend. I like your new work of art too. She is very sweet and just in case you don't realize it yet, I see your style.
Oh that cat! A real love-hate thing with you two.

Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

I love the picture of the sunset. It is wonderful. The girl is sweet. If you still have the book for sale I would like to buy it. Could you e-mail me and tell me? The one about the houses. xoxo Nita

zUzU said...

=^..^= ::ahem::

Memo to the human:

... zee Slaves are the ones owned.
Not the other way around.

Humans always get that backward.

~^*^~ felicity

Kim said...

My Cairo-kitty does exactly the same thing , Rella. You are not alone in having to clean up the floor after they eat lol. Little squirts. Do your's also wait until you CLOSE the door before deciding they need to go out? I have one I would swear just likes to see me do his bidding. . .
I'm having a lovely time admiring your beautiful drawings and enjoying your writing tonight.
Thank you. :)