On Christmas Eve afternoon, I felt like doing a little watercolor background.

Out came some pieces of Cold Press 140lb. watercolor paper and my watercolor pencils...
and, of course, water.

A little magical land appeared...

...which led to a roughed out magical being...

....carrying a heart.

I still need to paint in the face and her dress, etc., which I will show you when she is done

Its quite fun to go from previous large faerie.....to this wee little one and I suspect I do prefer watercolors...especially for background.

So ethereal, really.

When I grow up I will most certainly be a watercolor artist.

and a musician

and a great cook

and a world traveler

and a writer of books


1 comment:

Sharon said...

She is going to be very sweet. Atleast you are playing ART. So far, I haven't done much.
I will.