I feel like I'm fighting something.

Just on the edge of some type of SICK.

So, I'm in bed early tonight.......with my sketchbook...and another faerie.
and obviously my laptop and camera. :) Neither are ever too far away here in the nest.

EXCEPT, I draw and color a mouth that I cannot stand.


That's the solution for me tonight.

Just rip it off...problem fixed.


Sharon said...

But the eyes are beautiful.
Good night


Rosa said...

Oh dear. Hope you're not getting the muck I had last week. Feel better soon and stay in bed if you must. It's the only thing to do.

Lori said...

Sharon took the words right out of my...errr fingers i guess...hope you are feeling better soon Rella:)

Anonymous said...

Cindy Rella: Her eyes and her nose are adorable. I think she looks to be a total tomboy. Very "impish"..... Maybe you could think about that when you think about her mouth.
I certainly hope you do NOT get sick! Take your Emergen-C and drink lots of tea and water. Thera Flu is wonderful also.......and makes you nice and sleepy which will help you fight it off!!!
Lovezzzzzzz to you,
Audra Mae

Cindy Dean said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! I have to say that was the PERFECT solution for your drawing! I might have to borrow that some day. Greetings from Boston...flying back west tomorrow.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Now that I look at her again, she reminds me of one of my nieces, my brother's middle girl that I called Katie Bug...she had/has freckles. What a cutie she was as a little girl...and now she is a stunning young woman.