Certainly many moons ago, I enjoyed a weekly wandering through some of my
favorite stores picking up a morsel here and there.
If the 'morsels' were on sale,
if not, well I would make a buy if I totally loved it.
The bottom line
is that I enjoyed the process.

NOW: the enjoyment of the process has changed.
The whole process has changed.
My shopping is mostly online.
I would almost say my motto is, "If I can't find it online....I'm not trying hard enough!"

It seems that I prefer other things during my down time, (playing with paints and paper...creating..reading...good conversation, etc.)
plus, their isn't the same charm here that I could find so easily in Connecticut.
Here, everything looks the same so it doesn't jump out and say "STOP HERE AND SHOP".
Now if I was into 'BLING' , high end shoes, and cars
(don't EVEN get me started on the gas guzzling Hummers that are all around me)
I wouldn't have far to look.

But that's just not me.

Now to the point of this post.

I HAD to leave the nest yesterday to pick up cat food, littler, water, the basics of life
.......and I passed by Pier One......"why not?"
So in I go.

I visually scanned the place in a nano second and noticed with regret that they have really changed the feel of the place.
It has been happening for the past year.
I don't get the same warm cozy feeling when I walk through the doors.

But that's o.k.......I don't GO through the doors that much anymore.
In my 10 minutes there I happened upon the
Clearance portion of the pillows.

This is what I found.

2 - 20" X 12" pillows. Originally $25 marked down to $2.48!!!!!!!!!!


I will sometimes look for decorative pillows on sale to just use the form inside. Pillow forms can be pricey, so this is a good way to get unusual sizes and shapes for very little money.

These cream and black pillow are a great shape to put behind your back
for extra support...see how they are already on my bed with
my many, many pillows? They don't really "go" with anything in my studio nest, but they
sure came in handy while I was blogging and reading in bed last night.

Look at the cool texture!

Look at the price tag!!!!!!!!!!




They are so cool for embellishments on mixed media pieces.......or if you sew or knit.
They are gorgeous!!
There are three sizes and I am thinking of packaging some up and putting them in my
etsy shoppe.


Lisa Gallup said...

LOVE the buttons! And what a GREAT idea to buy sale pillows for the forms!! Duh!! Why don't I come up with clever ideas like that??! lol

"My shopping is mostly online.
I would almost say my motto is, "If I can't find it online....I'm not trying hard enough!" LOL No, no, this is MY motto!!! Hope you are doing well!

Cre8Tiva said...

wow you made a killing...butons are the greatest little things...please stop by my blog for another giveaway today...blessings, rebecca

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pillows!!! Nobody lovez a bargain like this Jersey girl!!! And the buttons are waaaaay cool. Never can have too many of those. The photo of Ms. Morgan is precious!!!
Audra Mae

Lori said...

oh my gosh!!! i just LOVE those buttons!!!