In 1996 a friend of mine was making the big move from Connecticut to Arizona and she needed someone to ride with her. I say "ride" because she did most of the driving while I kept the journal. Even today reading this log will make us both laugh so hard we cry.
Bathroom stops were about every hour. Sometimes just to get out of the darn car
and stand upright. At the first stop which was in N.Y., I made a comment about the condition of the facility wondering what we would be facing over the next
several days. Because it was going to be A LOT OF BATHROOMS!!
So I decided that we would rate each one.
Like they do for eating establishment with how many forks.
Except we would use pieces of TP
yes maam. Toilet Paper.
From one to four sheets!!
Many (and I will spare you the details) received one or LESS!!
With the exception of one that was so amazingly clean that
we could honestly see our reflection in the tile on the floor.
Not something we necessarily needed OR wanted.
it had a fab latte machine in the lobby.
That facility rated a GOLD five sheets!


It was the most amazing trip I've taken so far in my life. We laughed, talked, laughed more, even had some tears over life.

It was a Thelma and Louise kind of trip, including the Grand Canyon...minus the ending.

We had a ritual each morning.
We'd get in the car....
....pop in the cassette (no CD's in our cars at that point), look at each other and I would say, "Do you feel lucky?" and she would reply "I feel lucky!"
then I would hit 'play'



is what we would crank up extremely loud and sing along to.

I had not thought about this trip in a while, nor the song
But yesterday reading some posts from Nita's blog
reminded me

Thank you, Nita, dear.


Lori said...

Rella, what a great {and funny} story!! i love that song too!!

red tin heart said...

That is one of my most favorite songs in the world!And your trip sounds wonderful! That would be great just to jump in a car and go. xoxo Nita

Cindy Dean said...

You made me smile...and it makes me want to take a road trip with friends!

Rosa said...

What an amazing, wonderful, once in a lifetime trip. We all should be so lucky. Roadtrips are awesome when you're young, well, even when you're old. But you see things so differently when you're younger.