On Thursday, I came home late from a long and tiring day
at the place that pays for the nest I so love.
Darkness had come already and I was thinking
how quickly the days were coming
and going.

I started the trek from the car across the street
with my cellphone that becomes my
flashlight as I fumble at the teeny mailbox that
is ours in the 'gang' of teeny mailboxes.

That is how it is here.

We are not allowed to have a mailbox at the foot of the drive
nor are we allowed one at the front door.
Somewhere, someone decided that this was not esthetically
pleasing. Hmmm.

I was talking on the phone when another call rang in.

It was my dear friend JoAnna from California.
An amazing artist and sweet soul.
She asked me if I got a box in the mail.
ummmmmmm....trying to see in the dark
I tell her 'No, I see an arted envelope, is that
what you mean?"
"No, sweetie, a box."

I explain that I will now walk back to the house and look
at the front door as it may be there.
Sure enough, there was a package.

Now I am perplexed as it is not a birthday...
our artdoll round robin is almost over and I have the last
doll already. Hers, in fact.

Joanna goes on to say that she hopes I will not cry, (gulp)
but she would like to stay on the phone with me as I open it.

I'm intrigued and delighted to have this fun adventure and begin the
funny process of finding the key to open the door in darkness (I had not planned on working so late or I would have left a light on!!)
as Ms. Morgan is crying on the other side now that she
hears I'm home.

In I finally go with the package.
Opening it I still have no clue what this vintage box
with gorgeous ribbons holds.....
...........but I soon discover

and the tears well up... I touch and see the most beautiful, handmade
book put together by a group of loving souls
who wanted so badly to reach out

with art

with love.

I have received and continue to receive many beautiful cards
and stunning pieces of art
and I have kept them close to my heart
and not spoken here of it
but only
with and to those that have
been the givers
but it's time to begin to share what others have
and so I begin with The Book
(at the link below, click at the lower highlighted
text that says 'book for rella')

link will bring you to the blog place
that dear JoAnna set up
for the art sisters to place their pages
She has given me permission to share the link with you.

This is a beautiful testament to the creative, healing, human spirit
shown through art done with loving hands.



Sharon said...

Oh Rella, your book is the most special thing I have ever seen. I know it will mean the world to you forever. I only wish I had know about it. I would have loved to have been a part of it.

Cindy Dean said...

Very very beautiful....

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

oh my, what a lovely book. What a blessing friends are!

red tin heart said...

Rella, i am slow. I just figured out how to get in this book! It is beautiful!! I love the page by Joanna and Majai the best, but i love them all. That is so wonderful that they would do that for you. I am glad it brightened your day. love nita

suze said...

What a beautiful book! It made me cry,too.

Lori said...

what a very beautiful thing! the pages in the book are all so beautiful, what a show of love from your friends! very heart~warming!!

Rosa said...

Oh Rella, it is absolutely lovely. I would cry too, and had to wipe tears away from my face as I read this. How fortunate you are to have such kindness in your life.

Anonymous said...

Your book came out beautifully! I was unable to meet the deadline for this project, but told Joanna that I wanted to submit a page (which she said that you could easily add). Please email me the dimensions on the page size.

zUzU said...

Can not quite catch my breath for this book
. :: weeping :: tears :: o f :: happiness :: .

for dearest, Rella you are rich with the true love of friendship...and that is what rich is.