It's been a reflective weekend
A journaling weekend
sprinkled with a tiny bit of creativity.

Kitty and I have spent some quality time together. She has calmed down a bit
since being spayed and is also growing by leaps and bounds.

She is looking so mature and beautiful at almost 5 and a half months
and a wee bit over 5 lbs. and what you cannot see here
is how shiny her coat is.

I'm teaching her tricks now. The first one we are working on is
sitting and giving me her paw


It's been about a week now and she is catching on very quickly.
Her treat is dried ahi tuna bits
and she seems to realize it's a small thing to do
for a mighty tasty treat.


Susan Tuttle said...

Your kitty is so very pretty! She is looking very pensive in this photo.


Anonymous said...

Cindy: Ms. Morganstein is sooooo gorgeous!! I am very happy to see you blogging and taking photos, etc.
I hope you are feeling better and seeing the beauty in life once again.
Lovezzzzzzzzzz you,
Audra Mae

red tin heart said...

She is so beautiful!! I love cats. I have 1 named Sade. xo Nita

Rosa said...

Oh! She is a beauty! She reminds me of our Miss Bev who we lost this year. What a lovely profile she has. I can't wait to hear about all of her tricks. Our new little Bella plays fetch. Can't say I taught her, but it's fun just the same! Hugs.

Lee W. said...

what a pretty little girl. I hat a male (2) and female (14). The old girl rules the roost!!

Lori said...

Ms Kitty is just lovely!! I have a cat that bites, Mr Madison...I think it's attention seeking behavior but geez it hurts!

Henna said...

What a beauty!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

Morgan is stunning. She sounds like a delightful cat--feisty ones are so fun. There is nothing like stroking the fur of a fluffy thing like this to relax one's self...until they bite that is.