I love that my children share my love of the arts and music.
It's totally fun to talk with them about different artists and it's a most amazing thrill when they pick something up and send it my way because they are positive I will love it.

They are ALWAYS right.

I've received some of the most amazing postcards from my daughter, Renee, on her many adventures and there is always something quite artistic about each one she chooses. My collections of these is growing. I pull them out from time to time and just enjoy them and remember perfectly when and why she sent them.

This past week I received this gorgeous Giclee from my son, Ryan.

He and his love, Alicia were strolling through some galleries in Rockport, Mass., and when they came into the Corey Tevan Gallery (he doesn't have a web page as of yet) they both agreed that I would love Corey and his gallery.

They spoke with Corey and Ryan told him about his 'Faerie Mom' and even shared the blog with him.

How cool is that?

So, here I have yet another piece of most perfect art, with the added treat of the artist's personal note and signature.

It's an amazing blessing that my children "get" me; that they enjoy visiting and talking with their whacky mom.



Rosa said...

Priceless indeed. Oh, I just found you through SSOF, may I add you to my fav list? Love your blog!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Rosa ~ Thank you so much! Please do add me and I would enjoy having you on my blogroll as well.
Rella :)

Rosa said...

Yea, I've added you. Now I can remember to visit {almost} every day!

Alexiev said...

Very pretty imagenes... Greetings from Buenos Aires...

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful to receive not only something that you love, but from someone that you love, as well. You summed it up beautifully....priceless.