A short time ago I was surprised with this gorgeous piece of mail art from Sharon.
It's the biggest tag I've ever seen and the colors are stunning!!
The birds are so cool and this was mailed just like this!!
It's stamped on the other side
A giant postcard!
I bet the mail person loved it.
Lucky for me they took good care in the delivery of it.

This Friday I returned home late and a little package was at my door.
Inside was the most amazing collection of Faerie Bling.
Kim, a fellow faerie, sent these sparkly bracelets.

She may have made them!!!!
I have not found that out yet,
but I sure love them.

And if that wasn't enough, the cutest pink bag with a baggie of glitter
was included.

Faeriegirls cannot have too much glitter.

Now for something I have not seen before.

A brush, with self contained


I put some on right away and sparkled all night :) :)

Thank you, both, so very much for making
two separate days, very, very special.

Visit their blogs and be prepared for a treat. Sharon and Kim both
are delightful, caring, and generous of spirit.

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