BLOG: Gentle Whipering Hues
By: D.J. Pettit

This is one amazing artist who generously shares the many steps of her process.
Her 'girls' are easy to spot as she has developed a certain look; and yet they are
all so different and dramatic at times. I find myself just staring for the longest bit
of time at each face. Such spirit!

But not only do we see amazing pieces, one right after another, but the photos
that D.J. shares with us around and about her home, filled
with nature and her pets, are just as lovely.

Truly a day does not go by that I don't hop over to Gentle Whispering Hues to see
what this gal has been up to.

AND, I love how the blog banner changes....always with some of her artwork.

She is one busy gal and yet she takes the time to take photos and share the process
with us.

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