One of my favorite places to visit
is Tricia Scott's
lovely blog filled to the brim with beautiful poetry,
photographs and posts that just knock my socks off and really cause me to think long and hard.

When the 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' award began to show up on several blogs, I remember thinking, "there are several blogs I would instantly bestow (In my little Queendom) that title upon........and Tricia's was tops on the list.

So this week when I saw the bright pink icon on her blog I did a little jig.
But surpise of surprise to me as I continued reading I found my little name listed. Since Tricia had to now choose 5 blogs, she colored outside the lines and decided to choose 10. That made me laugh.

So here I am with this very sweet honor
and I need to list 5 blogs that I
choose for the Rockin' Girl Blogger

This will be hard.

So hard, that I will be thinking on it for the next day or two.
So many blogs, so little time.

But I promise to get back to it and keep the ball rolling.


Lori said...

congrats!!! you do rock!!!

Tricia Scott said...

rella, you have put a smile on this face today!!! thank you. and guess what...the tissue paper that you wrapped the mirror in--the black and white paper--well, it has been my fave art supply this weekend. how about that! i layered it on a canvas and also on a piece of watercolor paper then did a wash over it---i love it. can i ask where i can buy some more? i will be jonesing when it is gone. :)

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Oh, Pet, I will send you more. AND I will try to remember where I got it. Once I do, I can get some more as it wasn't THAT long ago that I picked it up. And, I am totally jazzed that you are using it as I always think "collage" when I pick out tissue paper....we are on the same page.
Be expecting snail mail.

jblack designs said...

Congrats to you, you rockin' girl.