As promised, I am back to share with you some fabulous blogs.

I have traveled far and wide over the past year or so in
blogland and feel I have only skimmed the surface. So it is with that thought I share a few blogs that have caused me to pause, reflect, smile, and generally come away enriched and happy to have visited.
Some may have already been 'nominated', but that will not stop me.

In no particular order I begin.

Blog: Open Door
By: Jennifer Black

Jennifer's blog is both delicious eye candy and food for the soul. She takes you on journeys that will make you smile, sometimes cry, and very often fill a small corner of your heart that you might not have been aware needing filling. Her photographs are stunning. Her artwork, that can be purchased as lovely note cards, is a treat. The poetry always moving.

All in all, Open Door is just that. A lovely, welcoming, wide open door. I encourage you to visit and visit often.

I will be back with more, but it's fun to list them one at a time to allow you the opportunity to savour each and every one without the distraction of the rest of my humble list.

1 comment:

jblack designs said...

Oh, how sweet of you! And how interesting to get a new interpretation of the title. When I created the blog, it was for me to step through the door to a new life. But now I love thinking of it as a door for others to come into my life. You've inspired me!

You sweetie.