It is a good thing to venture out of the nest once in a while. Go some place beside the desk job that allows me the lovliness of a quiet place to live. Better yet, to come back to the place I love to be.

Still a bit exhausted which leaves me unable to say much here except that I so enjoyed some time with Lyn. Girl talk and lots of laughter and "Show and Tell" played each day. Mostly by Lyn who took several classes and made the most divine art. Great conversation and catching up with Carol and Jim (and some purchases from their FANTASTIC set up as the "in house store" A few warm Maija hugs. A little MOO card trading. And shopping day. Thank goodness I only had under two hours since my class was the same day.

I didn't make it in time for one of my classes on Friday, but so enjoyed the wonderful Lisa Renner and her daughter on Saturday, who, despite the unbearable temperature INSIDE the building, (yes, inside) was gracious, and fun and such a lovely teacher. A few classmates were totally fun.. (Carol G. from Austin :) )

Here is a peek at my creation which I seem to still be working on. I loved this class...and my art doll. I'm making some changes and I cannot wait to show her in all her glory.

But for now, this is all I can show you.

he stands about 19" and is all lovliness in several gorgeous silks that I have been saving since our trip last year to Taos.


She Who Flies said...

So glad you had a great art time. Can't wait to see more of your creation, which is stunning if the peeks you shared are anything to go by :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG..this is SO cool!! I can't wait to see the complete thing when it's finished. This must have been an incredible class! I LOVE the glass ball in her hand. The detail on the hands is amazing. What are they made of?

Lori said...

Rella, this looks fabulous already!! can't wait to see her finished!!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Thank you, friends, for your comments. Her head and head adornment, and hands are made of Premo Clay - Ecru. I cannot wait for the work week to be over so I can finish her up and show you all.
xo Rella

jblack designs said...

Wowee girl. You're quite the tease, aren't you?



Maija said...

Again, Rella, it was so good to see you!!!!