I'm packing up and preparing for my little adventure.

From Friday until Monday morning I will be


It's a mixed bag of tricks, really.
I'm a quirky gal who actually enjoys
solitude; and I guess that is a good thing
as that is the case the majority of my time outside of the office.

Eating alone at a restaurant has never been a problem.

wandering through a bookstore sans companion seems normal
Ahhhh, there's that word again.


I will meeting up with a dear, East coast friend, Lyn.

It has becomean annual event. A bit of art, a lot of catching up.
Lyn is taking several classes; all of
which I believe SHE could teach and I kid her about that all the time.

I am taking ONE class with
Lisa Renner.

A Gypsy Fortune Teller art doll.
I think it will be fun to share with like minds
the fun of polymer clay and fashioning art dolls. I've been playing with clay
for several years by myself, so it will be rewarding to learn and maybe share

I've gathered my tools and some fabulous silk fabrics to design a doll to my liking.
I hope to have something to share with you next week when the dust settles.

The most fun is putting faces to names.

I have my MOO cards ready to trade and now
all I need to do is put some clothes and products in a suitcase.

I'm fortunate that I do not have
to get on a plane or's happening right here in Arizona.

Maybe YOU can come next year!!!!


Lisa Gallup said...

I had no idea you were RIGHT NEXT DOOR in Arizona!! What town?? I went to AU in 2005 and had soooo much fun! :) Several of my friends are going this year, as well. Hope you have a WONDERFUL time!!!!

Sharon said...

Oh I'm so green. And yes maybe I can come next year. Actually, I have been thinking very seriously about that. Have lots of fun for me too and I will be anxiously awating pictures. New dolls!

dogfaeriex5 said...

cannot to her the details...

Lori said...

have a great time Rella, it sounds like fun...did you Ms M~Proof ?