On my list of "FAVORITE FRAGRANCES", alongside the heady scent of lavender, lilacs, peonies, and lilies comes crayons. Instantly I can be transported back to elementary school, delightfully wearing new shoes and opening the square box of 8 jumbo crayons the teacher handed out to each of us. That waxy aroma that still brings childhood delight. Now, many years later, I still love my box of crayons. Except now, I have 96 of them instead of 8. I've had this box for seven years. Notice how many of them still have the original points? Obviously I did not really buy them to use (although at the time I also bought a coloring book). Evidently, my intention was to pull them out every so often and morph back to a time of innocence. Days of graham crackers and milk, jump rope, and new crayons.


MelusinaArtBlog said...

I love crayons also. In fact I've collected a few different boxes, new and old. You are right, it is like time travel.

Sharon said...

Oh graham crackers with a little powered sugar frosting. My grannie's treat.
And crayons do that to me too.