At what point do you stop and feel that a piece of artwork is finished? That has been the query of many; the eventual topic of discussion in just about every art group I've ever belonged to; and now I present the very situation underscored by the statement "THIS TIME I DID NOT STOP WHEN I SHOULD HAVE." I present to you the 'redo' of my Alphabet Fatbook page. Why?, Well, I just HAD to add something more and in doing so ruined the whole piece!! Yuppers, ruined. Sometimes I've mucked up a piece and then was able to maneuver a bit here and there and the end piece works despite my botching it. Not this time. Not only did I have to do another piece, but the image I used in the first piece was the only one I had in that pose and size.
So here is my new piece.....Front and back. Scroll down and look at the original piece.

This is


Judy K said...

I know what you mean! I just reuined two PW images. Gotta take a break before I start the next one..geesh.
Well, This one you did turned out great!

What Fairy doll is Joanna talking about? I don't see any dolls.Judy K

Maija said...

I LOVE your redo, Rella!

smilnsigh said...

Dear Rella,
I surfed over to your blog, from another and another and another. The way we can do, in blog land.

And I've been enjoying reading and reading and reading and reading here...

And then I came to a certain entry, and knew why my Synchrinosity led me to your blog. This earlier entry contains wonderful words, much needed by me and mine, at this time. I left a comment there.

But not knowing if you check blog comments in emial... {I forget to do so myself...} I wanted to come to your latest entry and say Hello and thank you.


Jes said...

I adore that front page!!!

Stopping is hard, and I don't know if we'll ever learn our lesson, but I always feel like I learned something from it somehow.....

Patti G. said...

Rella, whatever your heart tells you is good is good! I think EACH person would say something different about how much is too much! I LOVE both versions of your page and I do not see TOO much at all! :)See what I mean!? As long as you are happy with your creation, that is all that matters!

Neda said...

Hey, who says you have to stop??? Keep it coming. We love it!