Well dear bloggies, I am back. Back from a very draining week, but one that was filled with some of the most wonderfully helpful souls with generous and kind spirits. As I assimilate all that transpired during the week in L.A. I will share this photo with you taken from my room on the 30th floor of the Bonaventure Hotel. The night shot of a place that captured my gaze both day and night and caused me to pause. Allowed me to breath deeply and experience gratitude on a level that truly enabled me. Follow along the top to 3/4 over and then down to just above half way. On the lower right side of the outlined rectangle you see a little blur of white. My camera is not great so what you are not able to see is that the "blur" says CITY OF HOPE. In the midst of high stress THIS one sign gave me instant peace, instant courage.....instant HOPE.

And it's good to now be home.


Patti G. said...

Welcome home Rella! Love your MOO cards too!<3

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Rella. Missed you.


Dianne said...

Welcome home and I'm glad you met all those wonderful people..
I just played you hug vidieo and mailed it to myself. I'm a hugger.
I worked with the mentally handicapped the abused the homeless and huged as many people as I could every day. It brought a smile to their faces and let them know some one cared. Thats why my spirit is here to make others smile... Big hugs and have a great day...