All the way from Sweden, this little elf arrived and look who got out of her nest to have a closer look!!! Her name is Petra and she is a "a sour little night girl, but she'll keep your darkest secrets in a safe place.

when you feel low she'll keep you company.

when the moodswings come creeping out under your bed the night girls capture them for a dance. yeah, and it swings. it surely swings.

this night girl is free- care for a dance?"

The quote is from her creator, a most amazing and imaginative artist by the name of Katj
I stumbled upon her and just knew that this night girl had to come and be part of the family here, to be by my bedside most especially during the nights when I cannot sleep. Zu is crazy about her and has offered her nest for the night, gathering bits of rose petals and pillow filling that she stole from one of my tattered and very much loved pillow that Char gave me several years ago. I don't mind. After all, Petra had a long journey and should have a night of comfort here in the nest.


miss*R said...

there is something about Petra that I cannot put my finger on.... oh to have someone to capture my moodswings and to tell my deepest darkest secrets too.....

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

I absolutely love it!