Olivia, meeting Petra for the first time, notices immediately that this sour little girl has taken upon herself far too many woes of others and feels deeply it is time to comfort this new member of the nest that has been here only one day. With the gentleness of the old soul that she is, Olivia speaks quietly speaks of friendship and honoring one's true feelings. (You see, Olivia and Zu had been gathering with many faerie friends today and I could tell that they had so much to share with each other and our newest family member) What I am observing is so loving and so very wise that I slip to the side of the room and begin to write down all that I hear pouring so sweetly from one soul to the other. This is my best account:

"You have an inner counselor who is very wise. This source of wisdom speaks to you in both physical and emotional ways. The faeries know the importance of heeding their own feelings, and they ask you to do the same. They say, "please don't discount what you know to be true in your heart. Follow your emotions, as they are your inner compass that will steer you home and keep you warm, safe, supported, and joyous."

How amazing it is. Petra came here on a mission (so she thought) but the faeries had something else in mind making certain that Olivia was here to offer wisdom and comfort and maybe healing to this little sour girl.


miss*R said...

oh my - I could be Petra! 'cept I don't like the word sour - I think I am more bitter than sour :)

oh faery Rella, your words here have hit a mark, deep in my soul.. xoxo
YOU are wise xo

Judy K said...

Oh Rella! I finally had the time to look for your dolls! I love your little story! And it rung true in my heart too.