One of the fun things I get to do for our cafe is order cards and things. I loved Lani's Ladies and had to have them there. I'm also looking to add Lisa Kaus' work.

The other fun thing is to pick the art we showcase. This amazing artist www.nahleart.com/ was with us when we opened our first little Octagon Cafe back in February of 04. This February a BIGGER OC opened in a 'kicking' new location and Wahid has moved with us. His work just touches your soul. If you look at the 5th one down on the right in Gallery 2 - Meditation, this one hung in the first OC before it was sold. It just took my breath away it was so stunning. Jim surprised me not long after we opened with a stunning and perfectly, perfect original piece, called 'Searching'.

It's all an adventure, this cafe. I'm in the background, Jim at the forefront. EVERYONE is happier with this arrangement.

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glow said...

oh rella.... i just LOVE this man's art - his colors - the radiant energy and movement. "meditation" is so beautiful..... it so captures the vastness and subtle colors of the inr world.

i love "noTitle1" (gallery 3) - two presences lightly etched in the drippings of blues and purples. it reminds me of the nature of the astral waters as they flow off us. also love the bright colors and feel of "lovingAnAngel" (gallery 1)....... the intimacy of Spirit embracing itSelf.

thank you for sharing this wonderful art. eye/I candy for heart mind and soul.