At first glance this appeared to be a heart. Then, the more I looked at it I saw a strange owl.

You decide.


Beth said...

Turn your head to the left and it looks like the head and large eye of an alligator/crocodile.....

What a fun game !!!!!

zUzU said...

oh I see the heart! =^..^=

And the owl ... I had to look a second, but then I saw him! His neck is fully extended, cute little beak and I think perhaps he is whootttttingggg :o)

Now I immediately see the owl ... not the heart!

How fun. I think tomorrow on my walk I shall look at the tree trunks (I usually have my eyes up in the trees for nests) ... I will look closely to see what oddities I might find around me. More owls or hearts? WHOooo knows ::giggle::

=^..^= love, zU

miss*R said...

I can see the owl & the heart - sometimes I see faeries in my trees ~ I will take some photos next time I go for a walk. Rella, you blog is like salve to my soul xo - it is a peaceful place :)