This precious Magpie Fae is an 'Encouragement Faerie' The inspiration came as I was pondering the upcoming visit of my daughter and how excited I feel about the very precious days we will have together and also thinking about how really fortunate I am as a mother of three very unique, incredibly loving, and very independent children. I have encouraged them on their many adventures and the day-to-day of life; but as young adults, they have also encouraged ME and have been the shoulder or ear that I needed many times. I cannot-WILL not imagine life without them.

So here is a very special fae, indeed. Her name is Linaea (Lin. A' .ya) and she gently encourages all the young faeries that they can not only fly, but can accomplish anything that they believe they can.

"Of course you can fly my sweet, your dreams have wings."

I will need to take a creative break this week as I prepare for and enjoy the short visit with my daughter; so my next 'gift away' will be two weeks from today.

DO come and visit, however, as I will no doubt have stories and pictures to share.


Anonymous said...

Cindy Rella: Your Encouragement Fae and her little sidekick are just beyond. I mean it, they are sooooo SPECIAL. I am encouraged just by seeing them!! Okay, now I am going to daydream and fly a little bit. Just for a while.....
Lovezzzzzzzzzz and hugzzzzzzzz,
Audra Mae

Debbie said...

Just to say i have been reading your blog and loving your art with sheer admiration for a little while now,and felt it was time to pop up and let you know it is truly fabulous......thankyou for sharing it with others.
Debbie(new to all of this)x

miss*R said...

oh Rella, thankyou so much for visiting my blog! I am so glad that you did or else I would never have found you! these are just gorgeous they took my breath away as soon as I saw them.
I noticed that you like Secret Life of Bees - I just finished reading it for the very first time... I seem to be a late bloomer in all of this - motherhood has taken up much of my life for the past 30 years and now I am ready to FLY!
you love the fae ! Oh me too, have known them since I was a little girl and saw them in the bottlebrushes.
I am off to read the rest of your delightful blog & I really truly hope that we can get to know each other through our blogging xoxo
(oh and thankyou so much for the advice on my collage, I am new to this as well)

tina's space said...

these are just gorgeous. really they do take your breath away. Wow your daughter's visit will be precious!! I am sure of that.
I blame you for getting me started on the inchies!!LOL I simply could not resist after seeing the one you sent me.
Have a fab time with your daughter.

Sandi said...

Linaea is a most beauteous fairy fae, and what a lovely sentiment!!! Enjoy your precious time with your daughter!

Lisa Gallup said...

I love the sentiment on this! Even if I don't win, I'm still encouraged! :) Thanks! Enjoy your daughter!

Joan said...

Have a wonderful visit with your daughter, Rella!

Diane Duda said...

this a special one, rella. quite beautiful and very wise.
enjoy your time with your daughter!

Beth said...

ohhh....enjoy every second with your daughter.
Even with me in my 40's, my mom says that the one thing she looks forward too is anytime spent with her girls...and I feel the same way with my daughter in college.
And of course....I am loving Linaea, so I'm putting my name in the drawing !!!

longnecklady said...

I don't know what else I can say that others haven't---she's beautiful. Reminds me of a sond that changed mt life. "Ready to Fly" by Richard Marx. If you haven't listeened to it, do! I would love to be entered into the drawing for her.


Rella said...

Thank you dearest bloggies for your visit and your most lovely comments. I'm so happy you have entered your names for this sweet fae as she is quite special to me.

Sue: I have not heard the song Ready to Fly, but I shall search the itunes store tonight and perhaps add it to my music library. Thank you so much for telling me of it. Hugs all around ~ Rella

Patti G. said...

RElla, I love Encouragement Fae, she is a wonder!!! Love how she stand up to show herself off!!!

And the FAIRY DUSTERS on the post, nature is magnificent isn't it!!!!! How full of wonder and beauty! Just love that!!!!

One Crabapple said...

Your Encouragement Fae and Linaea (did I spell that right ???) are wonderful ! So are the photos !

What a sweet idea.