This little ACT I did back in 2003. My how time speeds by!!! Attaching wings (my favorite thing to do-make faeries out of anyone and everything)to these two imagages they just really touched my heart. "Soul Mates" came to mind instantly and that is what they became. The background is a wild paper I had floating around my stash and it always surprised me when I spotted this paper as it wasn't typically the design I would hoard. But you just never know, do you? Well, I hung on to this ATC which in and of itself is very rare, but one day I copied it and decided to make a greeting card with this on the front. It was going to be one of the cards offered at the cafe. (We offer hand made cards and artwork at our cafe-kind of cool) I handed the card over to my partner to bring down to the cafe one Sunday, only to find it on his bureau many days later. Assuming he had forgotten to bring it down to the cafe I reminded him when he got home that night. With the sweetest of smiles he replied, "I would like that one for myself, it's special"..............and with that I knew why I could not part with that little ATC to begin with. It's just special.

I share it here visually now as we approach Valentine's Day. One of my little pieces that I have never had the heart to part with. <3 Hugs ~ Rella

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Anonymous said...

Rella: I have a copy of that very special Soul Mates ATC of yours. You gifted it to me in a package of goodies a long time ago.......and I still love it each time I see it!!!!!
Audra Mae

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww.......that is just the sweetest thing and what a special moment to hear him say this entry :o)

Rosa said...

Add me please and come visit me! Fun!!