My little bird has come and gone so quickly I can scarcely believe she was here at all. Four days is not enough, especially when she gave so many of those hours helping at the cafe. Unselfishly, filling in to do whatever needed to be done for as long as she was needed. We did have all of Thursday, a few hours on Friday and Saturday, and several more Sunday afternoon; but it was just not enough. Early Sunday morning was the balloon lift off at the park where the cafe sits...and this is my favorite moment she captured....little duck with the best "seat" in town, enjoying the brilliant color on a glorious morning as the sun comes up. I love that I have these photos, that HER eye captured them first. Proof that she really was little bird. x

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dogfaeriex5 said...

when i worked for AAA, Arizona was my state and i traveled there is one of my favorite states and the fact that you have a cafe, i bet it is tres cool!! i can imagine!