Visiting Mom - November 2006

They are always your children
Their arrival is the beginning of love in the purest sense.

28 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday, my last child arrived. I knew the drill on the third "take" of LETS HAVE A BABY TODAY! Wake up in labor, notify dad-to-be this would be the day, make the necessary phone calls to family and friends all the while trying not to panic. Yeah, right! After the first one, what you know DOES sort of scare you. But you know there's no turning back, (although all three times I turned to hubby and proclaimed that I really didn't want to do this today) and your excited that soon you will be looking into that new little face and holding that itty, bitty hand.

So, on this day those many years ago, I looked into the eyes that would turn a deep, dark brown; and hold in my arms, my last baby...........Joel Robert.


Anonymous said...

Yes!! Happy Birthday to Joel! And such a wonderful name......I think he is the one that looks most like you, Rella. Here's to wonderful memories and happy birthdays. Oh, you have made me so nostalgic..........
Audra Mae

Maija said...

Such wonderful photos of your handsome son!

QQ4U said...

if you think the son is handsome, you should see the dad!!! :)
yes, joel is a handsome man...as is his brother and his sister is quite pretty. the mom looks pretty darn good too!!!
our children were born out of love..a love that still lingers...and they will be loved to the very end of time...