I have a few projects I am committed to over the next several weeks and I am usually in a frenzied state of cutting, designing, glueing, etc., most of each weekend. Then in the midst of it I sometimes wonder why I do that to myself. I absolutely love to create, but I also find that my muse totally goes on vacation without notice once I am in a "box" of certain contraints. Today I made a mental list of what needed to be done and what I even had ideas for. Well, one was for an ATC that I needed to do with particular colors and a particular theme. Since only ONE was needing done, I found that I was able in less than an hour get it all together. WAY ahead of schedule, but it's so delicious to cross it off my list. Does anyone in the art group world feel the same way? I seem to be able to create wonderfully when I just "have at it" without any reason for doing it, just that I want to. Anyhow, back to this ATC. For the background I embellished with stars and dots a gorgeous piece from PaperWhimsy, sheet #63. The image is also PaperWhimsy, sheet number 56 (actually, this single image came as a 'giftie' when my last order from PaperWhimsy came as Gale is always so lovely to add a little thank you treat) I gave her a fish from a sheet of stickers I had and cut out two party hats from paper on hand. Add a little chalk, and some more ink, and "VIOLA" She is done and ready to sign and mail out. I'm almost done with my 100 1X1 collage squares, also and somewhere around the 50 mark I wondered why in the world we all were doing 100!!!!!!!! It makes me laugh every time I think of this since only 32 or 34 people signed up. So I guess I will be seeing some of these come back to me.


Anonymous said...

This atc is awesome! re: the 1 x 1' won't get any of yours back if you get 3 or 4 each of other people's, correct?

Cindy said...

Audrey ~ you may be right. That would be good as I am ready to see someone else's 1x1's by now~~