So, now that you have heard about the craziniess of these little 1X1 squares and how addicting they are..........would YOU like to try? Here is my proposal. 100 is a lot for people to do. I propose joining in on the fun and making just a few. Personally I will be making a tiny book 3" by 3" in which I will adhere 4 of these 1" squares to each page. Once I have one done I will post it here. Why not make one of your own? Make a few 1" squares and adhere to a page.........make some extra and trade 4 for 4 with me. Keep it up and trade with others. My blog friend
  • will also be doing something similar soon. This is a lot less pressure with just as much fun. Leave a post here if you would like to join in on the fun.


    Anonymous said...

    I will be trying to do something tonight and figure out the page size and putting the little creations on them. I'm going to have to nix the idea of using the binder since it is way too big...i don't know where my brain was when i was doing the measuring, hee hee.

    oh, i love your fairy name and all about her. 'Thorn Iceweb' sounds so cool and my favorite part was the icy blue wings. If you create something for it, i gotta see :o)

    you got me signed up to trade with you, right? :o)

    Cindy said...

    Audrey = First one to sign up for swap. 4 for 4. If you look at a 3x3 piece of paper or post-it - you see how it might work for a tiny book. I will be working on one this weekend and share with you to see what you thing ~ Cindy