The only time it seems to play with abandon is the weekend. Not that I don't have an hour here or there during the week after work, but it seems to be gobbled up by other things. Weekends are reserved for art and a tiny bit of housework. I rarely do tags anymore it seems, and yet when I picked a few up late in the day I just went at it! No theme, no reason, just did it. I think I will send them off tomorrow to bring some one a smile this week. That's the best part. Posted by Picasa


Duckie Lou said...

Hi Rella!

Just found your blog. Had fun seeing all the latest and greatest.

Shari said...

Thank you for all the nice things you have said about my blog---I am so flattered!! I would love to be on your side bar and I would love to link your blog onto mine. I've checked out your blog and I think it is fabulous. I adore your little altered Starbucks cards. I usually use my left over cards to smoosh paint and gel medium around!! This is a much more creative way to use them!!