Stirring up the embers.

It seems not THAT long ago I created a bit of art 
every day....ATC's, altered books,journaling, 
altered calendars..everything possible. 

I am so grateful for that time in my life 
and for the wonderful friends I made 
and shared with. 

I am grateful now for the ability to step back in 
again and open the door of creativity that I closed 
(sort of - I'm not sure you can ever really close it shut once you've opened it) 

and I find my mind racing with the possibilities 
of the next project. 
Hoping to make new art friends 
and maybe, just maybe, find some of the ones 
I had to leave behind for a while.

What I DO know is that the passion and ability 
to create never really dies...
the fire is always there...
waiting like embers to be stirred up.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

How I do understand this. I too stepped back for quite a number of years.