MEDICINE PEOPLE Sculpture by Sergeff Suomi

I got this sculpture at a wonderful gallery in Madrid, New Mexico, called Painted Horse Gallery during our vacation to Santa Fe two weeks ago. We took Highway 14, better known as the Turquoise Trail, from Santa Fe to Albequerque, in order to scout out this rather hippie, artsy, mining town of about 400 residents because it not only sounded pretty cool..but there was a coffee-botique-Bed&Breakfast for sale. Since our little cafe is loosing it's lease the end of this year we are scrambling to see what to do next. What a cool place. Accordiing to the literature with the sculpture, the Medicine People represent the spirits of the earth. They are amulets of elemental power. They tell her what they want to be as she is forming them.


The land here is sacred
and the spirits that live in the rocks
and earth are visible to some.

The Peacock feather represents dignity, wealth, to master one's destiny.

This piece spoke to me before I actually read the literature and that makes the choice even more serendipitous.  Posted by Picasa

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