Fountain Park 4-7-17 6:15 a.m.
I listened to that small voice

"The sun is about to rise....stop and watch it -
do not worry, for once, about possibly being late for work" 

It made all the difference in the world
to my morning...
to my day....

to my spirit

It had been a tough week
and I knew the day ahead
was going to be the biggest challenge of all.

I woke up a few minutes before
the 4 a.m. alarm
and instead of waiting for it to go off
I got up and began the day.

I am a regimented person
when it comes to my daily schedule.
This is an asset
a stumbling block.

So when I got in the car to begin
the hour long commute....
I was, of course, a few minutes
ahead of my self imposed

Driving down the Avenue of the Fountains
I saw the fountain was going off
and that little voice
was a little louder than normal.
Go enjoy this beautiful moment!"

My overly developed
sense of responsibility yelled,

Let me insert here:

#1 I don't punch a time clock
#2 I knew my boss would not be in
until maybe 8:00
#3 I am truly the only one of the 'team'
that abides by this self-imposed, sense
of time urgency

The 'little voice' won

The air was soft and sweet
The birds were singing and chattering away
All the nervous energy in me
came to a calm, peaceful, halt.

This moment was precious
THIS is what life is about.

Listening to that small voice
changed my day...
changed my thought process...
and filled me with...
a beautiful stillness.

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