Having discovered hearts along the years
in every fashion...

from rocks 
to clouds 
to stains on carpets....

I find that each one presents itself
at the most perfect time.

And each discovery is a gift...
and instantly a memory
is created.

Quite often the past few years
a heart will be sent via text message..

from my little bird...

who will spy a heart

on a building....
....in the asphalt
......fallen from a tree

and each time I receive one of these texts
I store the memory in my heart
and I am reminded of a line from a poem

by e.e. cummings

i carry your heart with me
(i carry it in my heart)
i am never without it.

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Marianne C. said...

Hi, Rella...a sweet post. Most of us see heart shapes in everyday things and treasure it for a moment, then it's forgotten, but your post reminded me to linger a bit longer, and hold a bit closer those serendipitous reminders of love.

Have a very happy Valentine's day,

Marianne xo