Heading to the UK

Shilo heads to a new home
new adventures
everything new.

It is time for this girl to travel
She has been very loved
But it is time to make some room
in this little kingdom
that is filling with dollies

Shilo began as a Veronica Lace.

A RBL Blythe.

Her hair was long
and she looked older than I like for my plastic girls.
But, goodness, she was beautiful.

I don't think that about every 'stock' girl.

There have been only a few 
that I think I could keep them 'as is'
because of their beauty

But I truly love custom girls the best.


..... I cut her hair.

not once
Cut-off sock top to hold hair in place while I played the part of stylist
but twice.

Then she went off to Jess of Milky Robot to have her face done
I asked for a little girl look
with a spattering of freckles and light blush
with a someone serious little mouth
I did not want sleep eyes for this girl, 
and I sent two pair of customs eye chips
and two pair of brain worm eyechips
Jess met each request and back she came
and at that point I gave her a darling licca body
which is more 'child like' in posing.
That was about a year and a half ago
I have had such fun dressing and photographing her
even though she often seemed to be in Snow's shadow.
And now it's time to send her on to her next adventure
What she has had done:
Short haircut
Carefully sand matted
Mouth and nostrils carved
eyes boggled/gaze lifted
gentle make-up, including freckles
mouth painted and matte gloss applied
MCS protective spray to finish
new darling eyelashes
2 pair custom front facing eye chips
two pair side glancing brain worm eye chips
licca body in perfect condition.

If you would like references from 
those who have experienced
receiving a girl from me
please let me know and
I will provide the names to you.

I take pride in how I dress, wrap, and ship
my special girls...
whether they are my own customs
or girls that were done by
another customizer
and loved by me for a time.


debi said...

Oh Rella, she's stunning! The perfect picture of innocence and sweetness.

Rella said...

Thank you, Debi...that is how I think of my plastic girls.....innocence and sweetness. I love dressing them!! Thank you for your darling visit, I think of you all the time. xox Rella

Cinderella Moments said...

She's so adorable with her little teddy bear. I have no doubt you will be selling her very quickly. You are so good at these customizations. Perfectly gorgeous work!

The Shop Around the Corner said...

LOVE your page and look forward to visiting. I've added you to my sidebar blogroll to not miss a thing.
Off to browse a little more now. ;)

Much love,

Betzie said...

She is darling Rella! You were brave to cut her hair TWICE! I don't know if I could let her go!

Cinderella Moments said...

You styled her so well! She looks totally different. Gorgeous as always!