Winter Raven
Custom #2 is finished

It has been a wonderful journey 
with this Blythe.

She began as a Simply Mango

and now she is the girl
that I dreamed about
before I even started to carve her.

When I first envisioned her dress
I knew it should be cream Dupioni silk
Karen of Fish Market took my design ideas
and translated them into the dress for me

right down to the point at the end of the sleeve

Once I had the dress, I added the ruffled silk ribbon
to the neckline and added
a piece of braided trim to the high waist.

One of her pull charms is from
a necklace that I wore for a while.

It seemed a perfect addition.
 It will be fun over the next few weeks
to take photos of my newest girl
with her floor length, raven black, alpaca hair.
and one set of eye chips 
that remind me of Elizabeth Taylor

 and so here they stand together
my first two custom Blythes.

Snow and Winter Raven.

The next girl has already begun
in my head.

She will have pink hair
and a pale complexion.

That is all I will reveal right now.


Cinderella Moments said...

GORGEOUS!!! That is just so perfectly done. I just love your style with these girls. I'm already so excited about the next one Pink hair sounds so cute.
Congratulations on your beautiful new girl.

Terri said...

Oh, swoon, just darling! I have not collected these dolls yet, but ever time I come to visit you I get the urge! Both girls are just so sweet. And your next girl sounds special too. Do you know yet what her name will be?

debi huntsman said...

Oh Rella, she's beautiful! Love her long, dark hair.
Your girls are quite the pretty pair. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Rella said...

Thank you Caroline - it's so lovely to have you visit. xo

Rella said...

Terri, thank you so much - yes, the new girl's name is Wrenna Joy. I hope to begin the carving this week. xo

Rella said...

Thank you so much, Debi...I love seeing your 'face' pop up here...xox

Tiggy said...

Absolutely Stunning Blog - TiGGy will be visiting often - you are pure Magic!

Tiggy said...

TANKs Rella - I Love's Your BeautyMost Blog Too's, Sending Fairy Dustie's To Ya's ~ LuV, TiGGy

Betzie said...

Amazing Rella!!!! You have a flair!!!
Have fun with your dollies and keep seeing them!

Unknown said...

Just to say hi and thank you for being who you are !